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Broke Student Ticket 2024

Broke Student Ticket 2024
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Yay!  Let's get your Broke Student Ticket for the emBO++ 2024 now!  As the... mehr
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Let's get your Broke Student Ticket for the emBO++ 2024 now! 

As the name suggests, the ticket is intended for poor students. In exchange for your free admission to the emBO++, our sponsors will receive your contact details* and they may contact you, for example to hire you or tell you great things about their companies. 

There are only a limited number of "Broke Student Tickets". To find the poorest students, please fill out the small questionnaire so that we can assess you. 

This ticket includes:

  • Two Conference Days with awesome talks.
  • The Pre-Event on Thursday
  • Conference Dinner on Friday
  • and many cool things we're not allowed to reveal yet. (thanks stupid marketing and your stupid marketing plans!)

Remember: It's just a digital ticket. When you order a ticket, you are in and will receive all the cool informations about emBO++ via Mail. And you can become a part of the exclusive and coolest telegram group of the world.    

* The contact details include your name and email address. Other information from the order process remains in the order system. 

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